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Sant Pol de Mar Town Council and the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia (IEFC) announce the first edition of the Josep Gol Training Scholarship, as part of the International Festival of Local Documentary Photography Sant Pol Doc, which will take place in Sant Pol de Mar from October 9 to 15, 2021, according to the following:



The objective of the Josep Gol Training Scholarship es ofrecer continuidad de estudios especializados en fotografía para personas en proceso de formación.


Students who are currently taking a course and those who graduated in the last three years in the area of photography, of any nationality, are eligible to participate. Applicants must be over 18 years old.

3rd - THEME

The Josep Gol Training Grant The Josep Gol Training Grant is open to local documentary photographic projects on any social theme. “Local documentary photography projects” are considered to be those created by authors in their place of origin or residence for the purposes of providing their perspective of integration on the documented region.


Each documentary project will contain no more than 15 photographs.

Projects that are submitted for the grant must be unpublished and not have appeared in the format of a book or have been submitted to or won a prize in any other competition. However, the jury could accept projects that have been disseminated in the area of the participants’ studies or as a presentation on the author’s website.

The participants declare that they are the sole authors and take full responsibility for there being no third-party rights, and for any copyright claims that could arise in relation to the works submitted to the competition.

Each author can submit to the the Josep Gol Training Grant only a project.

Participation is free.


Works can be submitted to the first edition of the Josep Josep Gol Training Scholarship from 11 May to 10 July 2021.

If the submission contains errors that can be amended, the organisation of the Josep Gol Training Scholarship shall inform the participants so that they can make the corresponding corrections within two calendar days of receiving notification


All the works that are submitted must be sent to the email address through the WeTransfer platform onlythrough the WeTransfer platform only, either as a message or as a link, with the email subject: Josep Gol Grant. If the second option is selected, the subject of the message must contain: Josep Gol Grant + AUTHOR’S NAME

The folder sent by WeTransfer must contain the following documents:

  • A photographic series of no more than fifteen images.

                      Format: jpg. Size: 1920 px., longest side.


Out of all the projects submitted to the call for applications, the jury of the Josep Gol Training Scholarship shall select one that, in their opinion, represents all the photojournalistic and/or documentary values of a local photographic report.

8th JURY

The jury of the Josep Gol Training Scholarship , which will be comprised of::

  • Eduard Bertran, director of the IEFC
  • Josep Gol
  • A representative of the RUIDO PHOTO collective.

The jury’s decision shall be made by simple majority of its members and it shall not be open to appeal. The jury reserves the right to take decisions on any issues that could arise during the competition that are not specified in these rules.


The Josep Gol Training Scholarship consists of a specialisation course worth €1,000 taught at the IEFC, and the production of the selected project to be exhibited as part of the International Festival of Local Documentary PhotographySant Pol Doc 2021.

The jury’s decision to award of the Grant shall be communicated directly to the author of the project by email (using the address provided in the registration form) before 31 July 2021.

The Josep Gol Training Scholarship shall be awarded in a public event held on Friday 15 October in Sant Pol de Mar.

To be able to print the works, the files must be sent with the maximum quality. The organisers reserve the right to request the original files (RAW/scan of the negative).


The selected project will be exhibited between 9 and 15 October 2021 in Sant Pol de Mar in a space allocated by the Festival organisers.

On conclusion of the events of Sant Pol Doc, these projects shall be deposited in the Municipal Archive of Sant Pol de Mar Town Council and shall form part of the documentary collection of the Sant Pol de Mar Town Council for the purposes of creating a testimonial space that preserves local documentary reports as an asset of public interest.

These projects could be exhibited at dates subsequent to the first edition of Sant Pol DOC in the exhibition areas of the IEFC, for dissemination, pedagogical or educational purposes.

The authors of the finalist projects could ask the organisation to cede their project to exhibit it temporarily and shall take responsibility for any damage that could be occasioned during this time. In such cases, the project must be accompanied by the following legend: “Winning/finalist project in the first edition of the Joan Guerrero Prize of the International Festival of Local Documentary Photography, Sant Pol Doc”.

Sant Pol de Mar Town Council agrees not to transfer to other parties any copies of the projects without the express authorisation of the authors or their legal representatives.

Sant Pol de Mar Town Council, and IEFC, shall not acquire any exclusive rights over the winning project, or the selected finalist projects, beyond the rights to archive and disseminate the works that are stipulated in these rules. All of the authors shall maintain their copyright and consequently the opportunity to disseminate and market their projects.

The participants authorise the organisers of Sant Pol Doc to reproduce their works fully or partially for the promotion and dissemination of the festival in the media and in promotional channels (online and offline).

The author who wins the Josep Gol Training Scholarship accepts responsibility for complying with current legal provisions relating to intellectual property and image rights and declare that that dissemination or reproduction of their works will not harm or violate any right of the competitor or other parties. For these purposes, the author declares their liability before the Festival Sant Pol DOC to pay to third parties any related charges in the case of lawsuits, claims or conflicts due to infringement of rights by the author.

For the purposes described in these rules, the author who wins the Josep Gol Training Scholarship agrees to sign any agreements that are required to carry out the aforementioned transfer.


In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 3/2018 on Personal Data Protection and its complementary regulations, Sant Pol DOC states that personal data provided with the registration for the call, including email addresses, shall be gathered for processing for the purpose of carrying out the actions required to undertake the call for applications, verify that competitors meet the participation requirements established in these rules, and to be able to contact competitors if they are one of the winners, in accordance with the rules of this call for applications.

Once this purpose has been achieved, personal data (full name and email) shall be included in a file to incorporate in the Sant Pol DOC database so that information can be sent on new editions of the festival. According to data protection regulations, participants can exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition and suppression (right to forget) limitation of processing, portability and right not to be the subject of individualised decisions by making this request in writing to the data controller:

12th ACCEPTANCE OF THE RULES Participation in this call for applications implies full acceptance of all these rules and of the competition jury’s decisions.

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