Convocatoria cerrada


Joan Guerrero represents all the values that we should protect. His committed, humanist view is attentive to social problems. At the same time, it is charged with poetry to reveal everyday moments that become, in his words, “symphonies of life”.

Joan Guerrero distils humanity through this determined, caring, sensitive heart. With his photographs he invites us to pause and reflect; vital activities in these turbulent times. Joan Guerrero must be contemplated.
Joan Guerrero.

Talking about him and Local Documentary Photography has a sense of affinity: it is pure analogy. Through his images, we discover the importance of getting involved with what is close to us geographically and emotionally. Through his gaze we approach the detail that is of interest to everyone.

In accordance with these convictions and by way of a tribute, the award in this competition is called the Joan Guerrero Prize.

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