Convocatoria cerrada

Proximity (proximitat, in Catalan) between the author and their geographic location, whether it is where they are from or where they live; a place of knowledge to document and narrate the unfolding lives of those closest to us. Proximity as our only premise. We support an involvement in reporting that may be subjective but is also honest, in allusion to Eugene Smith.

SantPolDOC emerged to create a framework for disseminating and promoting photographic documentary reports undertaken from the perspective of the author. Projects that, because they are local and intimate or far from the interests of the news agenda, do not tend to fit into media spaces for dissemination despite being faithful reflections of their time.

The precariousness of photographic reports brings with it a need to cut costs and effort. Subjects that are commissioned are chosen for their profitability rather than their informative interest. SantPolDOC aims to be a platform to support and disseminate projects undertaken to document topics concerning life close to each author, free from the time that is invested and the pressure resulting from the short shelf-life of news. Narratives in which authors document their street, their neighbourhood, their city, their people; stories photographed with the conviction that they deserve to and should be told.

The current media spectacle is undermining the credibility of a profession that is something more than a work activity – although in recent years it has become something less than a means of living. Given this situation, we stand beside a profession that is committed to photography as a visual testimony of its time.

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